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About Us

The Makowski brothers—Adam, Rich, and David— are the owners of Land of Natura, who have a deep and rich family history and resort ownership of more than 50 years in Wisconsin Dells.
Their parents first arrived here as immigrants from Poland, marveling at the natural beauty of the area and the opportunity to someday own a business. They also saw Wisconsin Dells as a good place to raise their family.

Investing in the Wisconsin Dells community continues to be a top priority for the Makowskis. They also own and operate three resort properties, including Natura Treescape Resort with the area’s first natural lagoon, two restaurants, a convenience store, and glamping lodging. All are located in the Dells and all part of the Natura Destinations family of businesses. When the name was selected for the park, the brothers chose “natura” which is Polish for “nature.”

About Land of Natura

Where nature is the main attraction

The Land of Natura is a special place where people can experience the natural side of the Dells, through both active fun and refreshing relaxation, in a beautiful and sustaining environment.
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