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Park Map

Get where you need to go around the Land of Natura with this detailed map of the park attractions, food & beverage, parking & more.

Region 1: Aquatica

Experience Waterworld—America's largest inflatable water park, the largest naturally filtered man-made lake in the world, and more beach & water activities.

12 Lake Wisconsin Dells
13 Waterworld
14 Mini Waterworld
15 Floating Cabanas
16 Mt. Natura Waterslides

Region 2: Rivertopia

Play in the splendor of nature in Rivertopia. Take in the views, swim, or enjoy quality beach time.

34 Mystic Forest Treetop Walkway
35 Woodland Playland
36 Picnic Area/ Firepit
37 Wisconsin River Beachfront
38 Sugarbowl Lookout

Region 3: Wanderland

Home of the Land of Natura hiking and biking trails. Get the feeling of Northwoods Wisconsin, right on the edge of the Wisconsin Dells.

32 Hiking Trails
33 Mountain Biking Trails

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